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A GAY man has died after injecting his balls with silicone in a ‘cult’ sex game gone wrong.
Australian Jack Chapman, 28, died in Seattle, USA, after injecting large quantities of silicone into his genitalia.

Chapman was in a homoerotic master-slave relationship in the San Fransisco gay community and later in Seattle.

His ‘slaver master’ was a popular gay community blogger named Dylan Hafertepen who played the master role to other ‘members’ of his BDSM group.

Dylan introduced Jack to his extreme fetish of dangerous body manipulation and his love of master/servant role play.

Jack’s mum Linda Chapman discovered an extraordinary contract that set out the full terms of Jack’s relationship with Dylan, where Dylan was “the master” and Jack one of a number of “pups” who were forced to obey him.

The contract also said the pup’s body and mind were the exclusive property of the master and that the pup had no identity outside that given to him by the master.

As part of this contract Jack was required to take Dylan’s surname, sign over his salary, wear a chain around his neck and cut off all contact with anyone who existed outside the circle.


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